Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Heme Perfect Sheer Purify Mineral BB Cream

I picked up this BB Cream from Watsons Singapore because it was on sale for 10SGD instead of its original price 30SGD, so I thought it was a very good deal so I took it even though I have never heard about the brand.
Later on I tried to do some research about the brand but I couldn't find anything on the internet. If I'm not mistaken, all the instructions are written in Chinese, so maybe it is a Chinese / Taiwanese brand. 

The BB Cream comes in a squeeze tube packaging, the best packaging for BB Cream in my opinion because it is easy to dispense, and also hygiene. The color of the packaging reminds me of baby product. 

This BB Cream surprisingly doesn't have any ashy / greyish undertone. It has yellow-beige undertone which suits my skin really well. The texture is liquid but not watery/slippery. It also has a subtle powder scent.


*Please mind my weird eyes because the flash was blinding*

First of all, I really like how it doesn't create any grey cast like usual BB Creams do. The shade matches my skin tone perfectly without being too white or too yellow. It evens out my complexion and it covers  up my redness and imperfections well. The coverage is good, I'd say it is light - medium coverage. But it still let my skin to glow and not being mask-ey. It also brightens up my skin and gives my skin a healthy-matte but natural finish. This BB Cream does have matte finish but it is not dry-dull-matte. It is more a healthy-slightly glowing matte ( If that makes sense ;P ). It feels so comfortable like I am not wearing any make up on and it feels lightweight on my skin without any heavy-stickiness feeling. It doesn't clog my pores as well.

This BB Cream blends really well too, I find it best working with beauty blender but it works just fine with my Real Techniques Buffing brush.

If I have to think of 1 downside, it might be the availability. I couldn't find this on ebay or any other online stores, so I believe it is only available in Asia. I have never heard of the brand either, so this might be a little bit tricky to stock up. Maybe my fellow asian beauty bloggers have any idea?

Another good things is, this BB Cream has SPF 30. Oh and it photographs well!

Overall I love this BB Cream. It does its job amazingly!


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