Sunday, 9 June 2013

Astor Soft Sensation Lip Colour Butter

My fellow german beauty bloggers and youtubers are now head over heels about the new lip butters from Astor. Astor is a german drugstore brand that belongs to the giant beauty company ; Coty,Inc. 
I am usually not really paying attention to the brand, but this new addition to its permanent range has been around (almost) every single german beauty blogs that I follow or german vloggers that I watch on youtube, so when my local drugstore was having a promo of buy 1 lip butter get 1 free nail polish, I finally caved in and picked up 2 of the lip butters.

The lip butter comes in a stick form, really similar to ( its inspiration ) Clinique Chubby Stick. I like the form as it is easier to apply.

I picked up the shades #008 Hug Me and #012 Unguilty Pleasure.



Hug Me is a peach shade with pink undertone. It has a lot of gold shimmer particles but it surprisingly doesn't bother me. It is a nice every day kind of shade, not too pale or too bright. I've been wearing it a lot to uni. Unguilty Pleasure in other hand is a bright medium pink that leans towards fuschia. I am usually not a fan of fuschia but this one is more muted and 'friendly' for my complexion. 

Both of them have good pigmentation which remind me more of the Revlon Lip Butter rather than Chubby Stick. But I am not a fan of Revlon Lip butters as I feel like they feel kind of 'heavy' on my lips. Luckily, these lip butters from Astor are lightweight and feel more like tinted lip balm.
Texture wise, these lip butters from Astor are balmy and moisturizing. On my lips, they feel really similar to Clinique Chubby stick. They feel very comfortable. 

For 6,95€ each, these lip butters are very nice additions to the drugstore make up family. 


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