Saturday, 10 December 2011


So I went to Alexa in Alexanderplatz today at 8 am to see Versace for H&M. I went there with a best friend of mine , Adrian ( visit his tumblr HERE ). I was quite surprised to see there was no super long line outside. It was kinda... underrated? The sales assistant gave me a pink paper bracelet ( I dunno how to call it,but it's made of paper,it's pink,and it's wrapped around your wrist so pink paper bracelet sounds nice. HAHA ),without this paper bracelet,you couldn't enter the Versace Collection corner before 12.35 ( you could for sure wait until 12.35 but c'mon there wouldnt be lots of stuffs left !) . They had different colours of paper bracelet and each colour showed the time you may enter and grab the designer items you like. Each person had only 15 MINUTES!!!!. This rule only applied for women collection,because men didn't have this time coordination thing.

I was rather skeptic with the collection because I'm not a fan of super bright colours combined with studs and leather and coconut trees and so on and so forth. But for the sake of FAAAASSSHHIIIOOON, I did come at 8 am! LOL. But it turned out really good because the collection were'nt THAT bad. They were surprisingly nice.

and we met some supeeeeeer cool fashion bloggers there and they wanted to interview us but the scary security interrupted the interview and said that it's prohibited :(. 

Soooo we had so much fun today! and we can't wait for the next H&M Collaboration with another high end designers.

disclaimer : some of the pictures belong to Adrian,because I was so busy grabbing stuffs that I didnt have time to take some pictures.



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